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About Incom Group Company

Incom Group company is:

  • Customs broker
  • Multinational logistic operator
  • Reliable partner in financial support of foreign trade / Foreign Economic Activity

We’ve been working for you since 2013.

Our mission

to contribute to the business development of companies engaged in the import or export of goods.

Our challanges
Build a comfortable partnership with the client. Carry out transportation and customs clearance in the way that reduces costs, improve efficiency and increases profits for our partners.

Our objective
To find a solution of a challenge in any possible way.

We render customs clearance throughout Russia as a customs representative having customs stamp

INCOM GROUP is a member of Saint Petersburg Сhamber of Commerce and industry of, which allows us to interact directly with State bodies and public structures representatives to improve various business processes in foreign trade

Contact Us
Head office
St. Petersburg, 24 liniya V.O., 29

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