Currency rate on 03.08.2020 USD: 75.4   EUR: 89.3

Customs Declaration cost start at 10000 rub.

Customs clearance in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

Using all mode of delivery

Fast rail delivery from China in 18 days

Need to know to import the goods.

We assist you at every stage of the import process: from searcing for the product to transportation to your warehouse.
You just need to choose the actions you will delegate to us

We are experts in Forein Economic Activity since 2013.

We provide full range of services in customs clearance, logistics, insurance, forwarding, certification and banking support of your shipments.

We perform the customs clearance at St. Petersburg, Baltic, Moskow, Smolensk, Vladivostok and other customs posts of Russia or other customs of Eurasian Economic Union countries.

We provide purchasing service in Asia and Europe according to the client's request. We are experts in such product groups as equipment for light industry, consumer goods, textile, construction materials, food and other.

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INCOTERMS are international rules of foreign trade…

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